• Hemet Community Medical Group
  • Menifee Valley Community Group
  • Temecula Valley Physicians Medical Group
  • Family Seniors Medical Group


October 1, 2022

We are proud to announce that we have officially changed our name to PromiseCare. With this change we continue to have the largest network of providers and same commitment to quality of care for our patients.

IPA networks will begin using the PromiseCare name and logo starting October 1, 2022. During the interim we will be co-branding until all health plans have made the change to their system and members have received their new cards.

On this date, each of our Medical Groups formerly known as Hemet Community Medical Group, Inc., Menifee Valley Community Medical Group, Inc., Temecula Valley Physicians Medical Group, Inc., and Family/Seniors Medical Group, Inc. will be referred to as:

  • PromiseCare/Hemet Community Medical Group, Inc.
  • PromiseCare/Menifee Valley Community Medical Group, Inc.
  • PromiseCare/Temecula Valley Physicians Medical Group, Inc.
  • PromiseCare/Family/Seniors Medical Group, Inc.

While our name is changing, our Tax ID and NPI will remain the same. There is nothing that you will need to do on your end.

We continue to focus on providing high quality coordinated care. We will maintain all our health plan relationships. Our commitment to you as our provider will continue without any changes or interruptions.

Thank you for your ongoing support and partnership. We are committed to growing our strategic position in the market.

We look forward to continuing to work closely with you in our mission to provide the highest quality care to our patients and community.

Below are some FAQs about the new name and what it means to you as our provider.

PromiseCare Name Change FAQ

Will Patients Be Receiving A Different ID Card?

Some members may be sent a new ID card. However, most health plans will not update ID cards until the next open enrollment. As we go through this transition, you may see ID cards with only the individual IPA name or with the combined PromiseCare/IPA name as seen below:

Previous Name New Name
Hemet Community Medical Group PromiseCare/HCMG
Menifee Valley Community Medical Group PromiseCare/MVCMG
Temecula Valley Physicians Medical Group PromiseCare/TVPMG
Family/Seniors Medical Group PromiseCare/FSMG

If The Name Is PromiseCare, How Will I Be Able To Distinguish Which Network I Belong To?

Each individual IPA will be identified after the PromiseCare name. Member ID cards and health plans will distinguish the network by the name that follows “PromiseCare”.

What Does This Mean To Me As A Member?

The high quality of care and services we provide our members will remain the same. We are not making any changes to cost, insurance coverage, or the healthcare relationships that have been developed and the quality of care that our members have come to expect.

Are The Health Plans Aware Of The Name Change?

Yes. We have informed each of our Health Plan Partners and it is understood that the separate IPAs will be identified as shown in the table above.

Will Phone Numbers Or Contact Information Change?

No. All phone numbers and contact information remain the same. Only the name is changing. Authorizations issued prior to name change remain active.